Test Mozeat Telephoto Lens

As photo enthusiast I was thinking about buying a zoom lens for the only camera I do always have with me : iPhone 6.

I was not considering 5 or 10 euros sets as it was clear that these would not give good results;

After some research I decide to buy the MOZEAT 2x Lens a wanted to share my results (click on photo to enlarge) :
Price about 30 euros.

First thing you’ll realize it is the size and weight : 55gr (iPhone 129g) and big.

Mozeat Lens on iphone 6-2 Mozeat Lens on iphone 6-1First test Photo in Manual Mode on Tripod, so you could see the result of the same area with and without the Zoom.

Standard photo Cropped

Original Croped 58

With Zoom

Oirginal With Mozeat Zoom 

Obesrvations :
– The Mozeat Zoom is 1.7x and not 2x on iPhone 6 without any cover.
– The Mozeat Zoom seem to add a bit of Light, and qualitty seems good in the middle
– The Mozeat Zoom seems to reduce drastically the quality on the edges.

Here are  of the Center Crop  :

Original Center (200%)Oirginal Center (100%)With Mozeat Zoom

Center At 200% with Mozeat Zoom :

Original Center (400%)Oirginal Center (200%)With Mozeat Zoom

Center Quality is quite good with more detailed result.

However the Sharpness was not good on the edge so here a test, photo of a flat surface and applying some filters to show the shape (white is bad) :
(click to enlarge)

Sharpness TestSharpness Zoom Result

Another test was made with the standard Apple cover and after an extensive cleaning of the lens in case there was something left from the manufacturing. At first it seems result was better.


There must be also some distortion in the image but not as obvious as the sharpness problem.

I will  test it also in video mode, since the resolution is much lower and therefore Sharpness issues may not be so visible.

So far I would say that the Mozeat Zoom lens is useful if you do not need details on the edges.