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>Dear Visitor, I believe WordPress is showing you TO MUCH Adds and using TO MANY Trackers, wich invades your Privacy and make this website look ugly. I am using Firefox with uBlock Origin, NoScript and uMatrix bloking all that crap, therefore untill recently I never realized it. I decided not to renew the payement for Philigrane.org which should work till April 2020, http:\\philigrane.wordpress.com should continue to work till I remove the content.
Thank you for your visit(s) …


Photographier c’est mettre sur la même ligne de mire la tête, l’oeil et le coeur.Henri Cartier-Bresson

I am a Belgian amateur Photographer and this site is intended to share my Passion.

Photography for me is a Quest for the combination of the elements Cartier-Bresson is describing.
My Goal is to successfuly combine Emotion, Beauty and Technique in one photo. The road is long, requires time, efforts and is often disapoiting but I Keep Shooting!

I started in 2010 when visiting some great places like Venice, Normandy or during Concerts. I was experimenting, searching on the net, trying to understand the basics. I was a bit reluctant to buy a book, but I want to say that Bryan Peterson’s books are great !

People sometimes tell me that I should find my “style” or my type of photos but I am still exploring … I’ve made a lot of Concerts and recently more portraits trying to manage the lighting …
As Cartier-Bresson said, I have no message to deliver, nothing to prove ; just looking, feeling, it’s the surprised eye who decides.

I wish you a Picturesque visit, if you like Do Like …

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Philippe Van den Eynde

Please respect the work and note that all photos Copyrighted.

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